現代芸術振興財団「the CONSTRUCTOR ジャン・プルーヴェ:組立と解体のデザイン」



  10月23日(日) 17:00-17:30入場 (18:00閉館) 50名様
  10月24日(月) 10:00-10:30入場 50名様
  10月24日(月) 11:00-11:30入場 50名様
  10月24日(月) 12:00-12:30入場 (13:00閉館) 50名様

*English description below Japanese.

本展は、公益財団法人現代芸術振興財団の会長である前澤友作(株式会社スタート トゥデイ代表取締役社長)の国内有数のコレクションを中心に構成する、20世紀を代表するデザイナー/建築家、ジャン・プルーヴェを紹介する展覧会です。ジャン・プルーヴェを積極的に紹介してきたことで知られるパリのパトリック・セガン・ギャラリーの協力のもと、ジャン・プルーヴェによる家具約60点と、日本初公開の組立住宅《F 8x8 BCCハウス》を、そのデザインの過程で生まれたドローイングや建築写真などの資料とともに展示します。


展覧会名:the CONSTRUCTOR ジャン・プルーヴェ:組立と解体のデザイン
会期:  2016年10月22日(土)・23日(日)
開館:  10:00~17:00(最終入場16:30)
会場:  フランス大使公邸(東京都港区南麻布4-11-44)
入場料: 無料【完全予約制・2日間700名限定】
主催:  公益財団法人現代芸術振興財団
協力:  在日フランス大使館、アンスティチュ・フランセ日本
会場構成:Galerie Patrick Seguin
会場設営:HIGURE 17-15 cas

The Contemporary Art Foundation is pleased to announce the exhibition, “Jean PROUVE: the CONSTRUCTOR" in collaboration wi th Galerie Patrick Seguin for two days on Saturday, 22nd October and Sunday 23rd October at the French Embassy Ambassador’s Residence in Tokyo.

This exhibition introduces the works of leading designer / architect of the 20th century, Jean Prouvé, centering on pieces from one of Japan’s most prominent collections belonging to Yusaku Maezawa (Founder and President of Start Today Co., Ltd.), Presiden of the Contemporary Art Foundation. With the cooperation of the Galerie Patrick Seguin in Paris that is recognized for its active efforts to promote Prouvé extensive oeuvre, the presentation will feature 60 furniture works by Prouvé, in addition to the “F 8x8 BCC demountable house” along with its reference materials of drawings made during the design process and architectural photographs.

On the contrary to the high level of interest towards Jean Prouvé’s furniture works in Japan, there have not been many domestic opportunities for viewing his architectural creations. Nevertheless, it is certain that the underlying mutual charm of both Prouvé’s furniture works and architectural works, are the refined beautiful forms which are born as a consequence of a meticulous sense of craftsmanship that places detailed emphasis on materials and methods of construction, as well as the very philosophy that equates the manufacturing process to artistic production. The exhibition marks the first large-scale presentation of Prouvé’s works to be held in Japan in over 10 years, and through the numerous works that on this occasion will receive their inaugural presentation in Japan, serves to approach Jean Prouvé’s artistic practice from both perspectives of furniture and architecture.

Jean Prouvé: the CONSTRUCTOR
Period: Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday , October 23rd, 2016
Open Hours: 10:00-17:00 (last entry at 16:30)
Venue: French Embassy Ambassador’s Residence in Tokyo (4-11-44 Minami-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo).
Entrance Fee: Free [Reservation Only]
Organizer: Contemporary Art Foundation
Curated by: Galerie Patrick Seguin
Support: Ambassade de France à Tokyo, Institut français du Japon
Fabricator: HIGURE 17-15 cas

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Oct 22 - Oct 23, 2016
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